Hessam Navab Safavi handsome actor Says about his Clothing and her favorit color

The Famous Actor who is known as a handsome and dandy actor ,He has  many similarities with Elvis Presley , American singer and actor , This very close similarity caused that even American people were shocked when they saw him .He is Very sensitive on Kind of clothes that he wears And His appearance is so important for him , We can understand from his Selection designs for his clothes , It is obvious that His decision is decisive and unchanging. He has followed the special life and Particular way of life Since birth . He must wear clothing that He wants , Even if  The suit will be unique in all the world but He Refuses to wear it  , That Suit Isn’t valuable for him  Hessam Navab Safavi Says : ” White and black, I Love White and black color, the same way I wear clothes ,is white or black  , Many People tell me why do you just wear the white coat or black? I don’t accept black as the color of mourning, I think the black  has its own Awe and beauty ,  White color really brings peace to my mind and subconscious gives you peace of mind. For this reason,You can realize The people Moral Characters by the color of their clothes . He has currently  established  Nawab Safavi legal institution  , In this particular institution  serves artists To provide advice and assistance for their lives .

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