Has Shila Khodadad Left the world of Cinema? Interview with Shila Khodadad

Has Shila Khodadad Left the world of Cinema? Shila Khodadad is an actress which has mixed the beauty of her face with the power of acting , and has created a nice combination in her playing roles . She was accidentally selected for playing in the film of “Protest” which directed by Masood Kimiaee in 2000 But she was so famous by playing in the TV Series which called A Passenger from India and was directed by Ghassem Jafary , In 2002 .The story of her marriage with a Surger is very interesting and strange . When she referred to a nose Cosmetic Surgery Doctor , She didn’t have so tendancy for surgery operation but her doctor believed to act this operation . However This Cosmetic surgery was done so successfully by this doctor . and offered her the proposal for marriage and She accepted . They experience a sweet marriage with a son  now . Shila has left the world of Cinema , Since She has married .  In an interview She Said : Last playing in Cinema was the film of ” Venusian women and the Martian men ” which was directed by Mr. RastGoftar then due to my traveling and bearing a child , I didn’t accept any new project . She continued ”A few scenarios including Cinema and TV Series has been suggested to me and I am studying them to select the best . But any of them is not final , She is busy for house keeping and taking care of his son . She has played another TV Series which was called ”SMS OF OTHER WORLD ” Which was directed by Siroos Moghadam The other famous films were ”Aquarium ” and ”Dont put your feet on the floor ” Which were directed By Iraj Ghadery

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