Elnaz Shakerdoost explains about her new film

The adventure of discovery of this little girl as an actress by Elnaz Shakerdoost , Elnaz Shakerdoost is the type of actresses which besides gaining popularity due to the selection of attractive and distinct roles , in recent years , she attempted to do the extra ordinary and interesting and full of surprises for all people . She is known as a superstar of Cinema , But This popularity doesn’t separate her from the people . because she is so modest and humble . and she lovely likes the people . She recently explains about her discovery of a little girl for playing as a major role in her new film which called ( the king’s white horse : Asbe Sefide Padeshah  ) . Elnaz explains this case in her instagram’s page ”this funny and cute girl , was supposed to play as a simple walker (passer) role , in the first day , In the same day has invited to play a major role . she was from a rich family but she couldn’t remember the dialogs and this causes to test Aida as the major role , And I propose this case to the director , ”Mohammad Hossein Lotfi ” . Aida is very clever and she can perform her role well . Aida , This little girl is constantly near Elnaz and they have completely like together . She appreciate the kindness of Elnaz and is as close to Elnaz as a sister .

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