Death of the beauty queen because of liposuction cosmetic surgery

A 19-year-old girl  ”Catherine Cando”  who worked as a fashion model And was the winner of the contest “Miss Beauty”, Unfortunately , she died because of an unnecessary cosmetic surgery.  This event occurred in Ecuador and Surgeon has been arrested. she was an university student , After that competition which was held  last October . won the national contest “Miss Beauty” she was under pressure  for this cosmetic surgery , Catherine was a medical student at the  (Duran) which is in West of Ecuador . as a prize she won a car, a tablet , and Using free  of a cosmetic advantage . A few minutes after she  was selected as “Miss Beauty”, said in front of One of the local media ‘s Camera that she wants to reduce her weight .  And therefore has agreed  to undergo free surgery and performs liposuction surgery ! His brother says :” A surgeon who was not professional , encouraged my sister to do this surgery and Every day my sister received a call repeatedly . My sister wanted to assign Point of  This  free surgery For someone who requires

However, due to the enormous pressure that was on her, My sister was satisfied with the surgery. ” now The doctor who performed the surgery , Due to negligence during surgery , Was arrested. (Carlos Reyes Izquierdo),the  lawyer says ”  there are a lot of ambiguities for the cause of death ” The lawyer says the doctor told  me that Catherine  died due to brain damage; However, hospital staffs say she died due to cardiac arrest ! Now I should find out cause of her death





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