Couple of pictures of Ali Motaharies Famous recent Speech at the parliament

Ali Motahari is the son of famous revolutionary Morteza Motahari the first teacher of the IR of Iran. He was a very important person in getting the revolution going in Iran back in the 70’s. The official consensuses on the Motahari father is of prize and eulogy, but his son has got into a very hard head bump and confrontation with the conservatives (who think of themselves as the inheritances of the power in Iran). Those people are very protective of their power and they have already put most of the original people of the 70’s revolution out of business (recently the first PM of the IR of Iran and one of the previous head of the parliament.

Ali Motahari is a sitting parliament member in Ir of Iran and he is a very vocal one. He has been talking about the proper way of dealing with the disgruntled former party member who had a different view on the 08 election. He had been recorded attacking the supreme leader of Iran and finally the day before yesterday, he finally spoke about the matter on the public hearing of the IR parliament. He was very careful with his approach to the matter, he opened with some more conservative stuff against foreign companies and clothing of the ladies and couple of foul calling on the current government, then went for it. Within seconds, couple of very conservative member of parliament started shutting at him and it went south from them. There were report of physical confrontation but unfortunately there were no camera picture from the matter but artist has started to depict the scene and put then on the first pages of the news papers this morning, here are couple of them:

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