Clothing and Fashion in Tehran,imitation of the developed countries


One of the major issues that have been affected by globalization, is People dresses and fashion Orientation . Although this is a tangible and visual impact of globalization . The international community for  social life, in order to communicate and convey the desired message Uses  “signs” .Clothing is one of the most obvious signs ,  Which has its own language , And the efficient and effective tool in the promotion of identity and identity making . Identity which is used as an instrument of communication and as an instrument  to recognize similarities  And the differences .Identity is Tied to The origins of life and the ways and manners that we live with them . Dress can be in the context of the visual identity . Every person likes to wear Clothes Conform with the kind of insight and self-thinking  . The tastes are different . With time it became more , This means that any class, group and category according to their vision and thinking to find a specific type And Clothes were a manifestation of culture . Now  The dress is not only for protection. But The Dress Apart from the beauty is also  for indicative of the character and identity . And somehow we can say that social class, power and influence of the eloquent ,can be found by clothes  . In the  meantime, Iran ,as a developing country, As in the cultural field mimics the developed countries, In other contexts, especially in fashion,  Mimics other countries.

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