Behzad Farahani Answerd The questions about his daughter Golshifteh

Behzad Farahani Answerd the question of Culture news Site and he said : ”the text which has  Been published and  attributed to me on Facebook! is not mine . I Don’t Have A page in facebook . In recent days, social network sites published a text  and attributed it to Behzad Farahani , Golshifteh Farahani’s Father . It should be noted in previous years Behzad Farahani for publishing pictures of her daughter in social networks And local media  was not serious and  told that my daughter issues is not related to me.  Golshifteh Farahani’ Father in the most recent conversations said : ”It Is not important what anyone else or the Daily Telegraph  says . ” Behzad Farahani said in a statement: I live in this country and My Daughter’s issues unrelated to me . I do not know why anyone doesn’t understand my words?   At present there are many problems which this matter is hidden in them. He continued : ”tell me , why At other times there was no follow-up  my daughter ? Why are you so weak-minded? Farahani said in the world there are so many poor and hungry , But you focus on the issues of my daughter?! Behzad Farahani also stated in an interview with reporters club: ” my daughter behavior because of  we live apart And different systems inside and outside governing does not concern me. He added that the system of the country we live in ,  is so strange! Every human being has own personal issues which is not related to anyone .   That’s why these things don’t concern me1



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