Annahita Nematy Says About the freshness and beauty of skin

Interview with Anna Nematy about cinema and her daughter , exercizing:  Anna Nemati is one of the successful actresses of cineme , She has played different roles in her films , She Was Married with Abolfazl Pourarab , one of the superstars of Iran , And the result of this marriage is a daughter which is called ”Raika” . This Marriage was not successful and led to divorce . Anna Says : Raika was born when I was 23 years old , I earned so much energy from her birth , so that  I felt that so much ways were opened in my life . She continued during pregnancy , I had to restrict and limit all of my social activities , She said about the difficulties for playing roles in Cinema For example I had to reduce weight about 7-8 kilos in the (”Somebody wants to speak with you ”) Film . Her opinion about exercizing is : ” I approximately have experienced all of the sports . I Worked on Kick Boxing , Really Races , Volleyball and swimming . She said about the freshness and beauty of skin , Said : ”All of actresses had to be maked up for playing their roles , this is a hard work , but I Try to use all kinds of creams for protecting of My skin She continued I Love tripping inner of Iran and all over the world and I began to trip specially after my daughter get older , I get used to trip I have travelled all ove the world but I liked Disney Land More .

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