Anahita Nemati presence at international festivals


”The prematured pomegranates” film arrived the celebration of competitive festival of Moscow in 2014 : The International festival of Moscow in 2014 : The international festival of Moscow is one of the most important festivals  in the world . Beside the 15 films selected from all over the world , The only representative of Iranian film , The ”premature pomegranates ” would be screened . This film is directed by Majid Reza Mostafavi , And main actress of this film in Annahita Nemati , whom participated in this festival , Besides of Canne , Berlin and Venice Festivals , This festival of Moscow , has the high validity among all of the festivals . The Competitive section of this festival , Gradually achieved the position as discovering the new names and most controversial Talents . The Authorities of this festival believe that despite of the other festivals in the world , The criterion of selection a film in this festival , is not the subject or Genre of the film .The other countries which are participated in this festival , including : Germany ,Switzerland , Poland , Ukraine , Japan , South Korea , France , America , England and Netherlands . It should be noted that the film of ”the dance of dust” which directed by Asghar Farhadi was shown in this festival for the first time .  Anahita Nemati ,  fashionable and sedate actress  that for her specific Brigade and interesting character  Has been successful in the life .

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