A very interesting interview with the actress Gohar Kheyr Andish about her daughter

what exactly happened to your daughter? My daughter was studying at abroad  universities …  I did my best trying that she can finish her lessons , But because of the economic problems which occurred in iran ,
When the dollar was 4 thousand USD, she was forced to return to Iran before the end of a semester ….Her University in iran was in Ferdowsi Blvd and Azadi Square which are exactly the most polluted areas in Tehran ….
My Daughter had Classes From morning until 8 pm and she was forced to breathe contaminated air ,therefore She is so bad now ….

Are you saying her illness was just because the air pollution? Many people breathe this polluted air and do not have this problem ? My daughter did not live in iran for a few years … Let me give you just one example; If you throw a frog into 100 degrees water ,, Suddenly jumps out of water But if the water is slowly warming up Frog stays and dies. We’re in this polluted air, like the frogs began to die , And do not know what comes to us ….
But who comes out of Iran   And enters this polluted air, her body reacts …. like my daughter which her body suddenly reacted and her lungs are vanished!

gohar kheyr andish

What does that mean exactly?   When did you go to a doctor? What did they say?at first they Did not recognize her Illness and because of she had a severe cough,the doctors were prescribed Antibiotics for her .

The situation came to a point where she strongly coughed and she was black because of The intensity of cough …. she could not sleep even 5 minuts at night I took her to the doctor that I went before for my lungs.
When the doctor examine my daughter , he told me you did a good work that brought your daughter here Because the situation of her is much worse than you. He told me there your daughter will die soon ! they performed various tests on my daughter

What is happening now?
Physically better, oxygen and antibiotics in the hospital, but psychologically damaged! Really damaged! My daughter did not have any problems.

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