2015 Asian World Cup penalty kicks

The national team of Iran  was eliminated from the 2015 Asian  World Cup.  Mehrdad Pooladi, one of the Iranian defenders, was expelled from the football game between Iran and Iraq . That expulsion happened during the first 10 minutes of the game, that made the Iranian team  to plays with ten men . Perhaps the main reason for the defeat of Iran  is Mehrad Pooladi’s expulsion . Because the Iranian team depended too much on the Mehrdad pooladi’s ability to defend. After 120 minutes of a breathtaking game Iran defeat the game on penalties to Iraq . Iranian national football team and Iraq’s in the final sixteenth round of Asian Nations Cup in the end 0f 120 minutes Taking the score was equal with a draw 3 on 3 to the end and reach to the penalty kicks.

3According to the IRNA News Agency’s correspondent in Australia, stage a final fourth the sixteenth round of the Asian Nations Cup at 10 am,  Friday morning with a visit of the Iranian national soccer teams and Iraq’s in the stadium of the city of Canberra was followed. Iran national football team by gaining 9 points came to the next round as the first team of group “D” (its first stage group with UAE, Bahrin and Qatar); while the Iraq’s National team was the second team in its primary group. Mehrdad Pooladi received a second yellow card for simulation of collision with opponent’s goalkeeper and was dismissed from the game. It is worth mentioning that, in 2014 World Cup, Mehrdad Pooladi was recognized as one of the best defensive players in the world Especially in the match between Iran and Argentina.1




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