What do the artists do in the new year vacation ?

Appearance of ”NowRooz” Heritage and history of this festival goes back to a time before the Mades and Achaemenids , When the Aryans divided their lands into two seasons were cold and heat and cold season including 10 months and heat season was two months , In the beginning of these two season , they held a celebration , which was considered as the beginning of the new year . Later some changes appeared to these two seasons , Summer including 7 months and winter included 5 months .Over the time , and by the gradual development of the celebration ,

and we can say this is the only celebration which included all aspects of formal , political and natural of the society . And this celebration would be held by all generation , despite the change of political regime till now . We can call the other ceremonies such as Chaharshanbeh Soori , and Sizdeh Bedar and etc . Here we have the report about the artists which welcome this easter ancient ceremony . In below we have the selection of views of these actors , and actresses . Which artists are traveling ?Gohar KheyrAndish : She said that ” I travel to my city Shiraz and view my happiness and sorrows in this city . AmirHosein Rostami : I always go to trip in Norooz vacation and I travel in this year too . This is the only days that I can rest . I don’t go to inner trip but I Go to abroad . Mehran Rajabi : He said : I’m playing in a TV Series , and then I am going to travel to north with my family . Azadeh Zarei : She said : My periovity is to be near my family in the days of new year . Because I couldn’t be near them when I was playing in the TV Series which was called ” Sounds of Rain ” Which of the famous characters have set the ”Haft Sin ” table ? Haft Sin is an especial table cloth , Which Iranian Set it at the beginning of the new year . Family members usually spent Haft Sin during the vacation of new year . Most of the artists and famous characters set the Haft Sin table cloth for this year , We can call Parinaz Izadyar and Taraneh Alidoosti , Nasrin Moghanlou and her family , Pezhman Bazeghi , Sam Derakhshani , Behnoosh Bakhtiary , Newsha Zeighami and her husband , Ali Daei , Rambod Javan and etc .

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