Marjaneh Golchin says about her interesting experiences of cinematic profession

Marjaneh Golchin says about her interesting experiences of cinematic profession

It is true that the interview with Marjaneh Golchin  is a little hard because of  she tries  to escape from the margins of her profession. She doesn’t speak with the medias alot . But, as she says, She is honest and  her words is the words of her heart .  And when is sitting in front of you , You feel she is The mother of the same stories,with  the same acuity .

 I begin with this question why did you go to America? The first time I did not go to America I went to the UK! Twenty years ago, I played  my role in my last movie and I decided to continue my education out of Iran . While I was there, I was homesick, I’m back again and again I started doing my job.In all the time that I was not working, but every time I’ve gone to Iran I have some activities in theater and radio. What is the The secret of your appearance that you’re always young ? Seriously? If I am not old , Why do I always play the role of the mother? (laughs) I sometimes face the odd suggestions which I think next year the role of grandmother is one of them. Sometimes in movies , they choose someone  as my kid or my groom or my bride who  maybe two years older than me , It is surprising to me many times and really I have a bad mood that I am sure I am too old! You are not a mother, but you play the role of mothers very good , how? Motherhood is a wonderful feeling, and unfortunately I did not have this experience.But I think this is the job of an actress who plays a role in the best way possible. What parts of your play do you think is neglected? Actors and actresses should shine  in every role which be assigned to them  . this creative of profession and its ideas , is an endless road .

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