The 20 ways to save money on your bills


There are many people in the world with creativity and innovation who Have been able to gain great wealth . ”Confidence” and ”belief in our own abilities” can help us do great things with simple ideas . We introduce some people with interesting ideas who have become wealthy : 1- A man who married and after the marriage has created a website for emotional issues but a site with a different romantic use, Just married people are accepted on this site . Site slogan is: “Life is short. So live with love”.The founder of the site is a lawyer named ”noel biderman” who believes a married man is very fortunate. There are 3. 2 million members on his website Which proves his idea has been efficient and successful . 2- A teen by selling his grandmother’s jam recipe earned millions of dollars. 3- Creative butcher! : A creative butcher decorated his products very interesting and artistically to attract customers .He created a spectacular exhibition by his idea .

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