New Pictures of New Model, Nilofar Behboodi


Recently, because of the popularity of social media and increase in the number of passage of sharing information, resuscitated aspects of pop culture and art in the developing countries has seen an astronomical improvement and lots of people get the previously unavailable before. One of those people is Nilofar. She has seen an opportunity from the social media and got famous in Facebook and Instagram and in lass than two years she immigrated to UAE in hope to fined some modeling jobs in Europe or north america (USA or Canada not Mexico).
Although some of the people might have different idea about the beauty or the level of beauty (specially in the case of Nilofar). But the lone act of pursuing one’s dream is an admirable deed. This is a big loss that men and women like Niloufar who are interested in the art of fashion can not follow their passion in their own country and should immigrate to another countries to be able to create art. Here are the recent photos of Niloufar’s recent photos that mostly been taken in UAE:

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