An interesting report about nose surgery among artists

Watching historical figures, with characters who have done the nose surgery,in movies and TV series, aren’t tangible and acceptable.Then we see that,directors seek for artists who haven’t done nose surgeries. The surgeries noses was more common among the ladies in past times, and it was less and it was less among the actors,but in recent years,the numbers of men has been increased.Sepand AmirSoleimani,Amin Hayaei and Mikaeel Shahrestani,are the actors that despite of clearing that they had surgeries but it seems that their operations appears so normal but their faces proportionality are not broken.

Omid Zendegani has a very smooth and head up nose,But this elegance isn’t proportion with the other elements of his face.Hamid Gudarzi,Hamed komeili and Amin Zendegani ;Although its clear they have surgeries¬†their noses,but they have just reformed them. Borzu Arjomand;Although his nose was big before,but it was acceptable in his face.The surgeries nose of Hesam NavabSafavi not only fit on his face,but also doesn’t help to have an attractive and similar face to Elvis Pricely.Others not only have any difficulties with their big noses,but also they know them as their characters,such as Yousof. Teimoori,Alireza Khamseh and Daiush Farhang.Flor Nazari,Aram Jaafzri didn’t have big noses before,but after surgery, their face appearance have been changed completely.Elnaz ShakerDust and Behnoosh Tabatabaei,have elegant elements of faces after operation. We can introduce the other artists such as Ghazale Jazayeri¬†and etc …

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