The best Prestenters who has been retired Without a reason!

Ali Darabi Was The former Deputy Director of Broadcasting (IRIB) In Iran , During his chairmanship On Television , Many television Presenters were banned from continuing their work in television . But Also there were other Presenters who have never tasted the flavor deprivation of television , Such as : Ali Zia , Jafar Khosravi and Hormoz Shojaei Mehr .But There are presenters who have prevented from working on Television unreasonable and without the right freedom of expression . 

Zhila Sadeghi is one of the old presenters of Iran TV (IRIB) She Says : ” “I don’t have a letter  to abandon my Job , But a friend of Chairman wanted this to happen, We also accepted” .Another Presenter ,Mahmood  Shahriari was very unfortunate that the guest (Amir Jafary) in response to a question,replied the word “peach ” ! But many believe that Shahriari’s   question had technical difficulties , and Shouldn’t have asked such a thing . He Asked Amir Jafari in a live Program OF Isfahan TV Network that ” What fruit is your spouse ( Rima Ramin Far) similar to ?! ” This Question and its answer (Peach) had not a good result for Shahriari and Led  to the exclusion of TV . As a result, the Best presenters of Iran TV (IRIB) For a joke Or even an expression of opinion  will be fired Of the work forever! In Iran, there is no freedom of speech, even for a joke. In this limited space, A lot of talented Prestenters has been retired  Without a reason . The Presenters Such As : Farzad Hassani , Mobina Nasiri , Farzad Jamshidi , Ehsan Alikhani , Zhila Sadeghi , Reza Rashidpoor , Mahmood Shahriari and Etc.

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