Important tips for food intake after exercise :


Sports athletes Must give importance to their foods before and after exercise .Based on the distance you cover (and as long as you share your progress on social media to encourage others), Charity Miles donates money from its sponsors to your chosen cause. It may be a tiny amount at first, but the accumulation over a year’s jogging could make a huge difference – and not just to your own fitness levels. RockMyRun If there’s one thing that seems to motivate everyday runners more than most things, it’s the accompaniment of great music. RockMyRun does what it says on the tin: provide the perfect curated playlist to force you to keep going further than if there was just your tired old iPod.

As well as offering workouts tailored to each user’s fitness and ability, the app can (for a slight added cost) provide you with a personal trainer in your pocket. It also turns exercise into a game, and not quite as creatively as Run, Zombies! Instead the task is simple: achieve your set fitness goal and you move up a level, winning points and competing against others in the game’s vast community.

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