The high income second jobs of artists



Most of artists of Cinema have selected the second or third job . They want to earn So income from the short period time of their fame . In following article you will be familiare with these artists’s second Jobs . 1- Mohammad Reza Golzar : He was a model on Billboards but it seems he was restricted by the government of Iran for countinuing of this Job . He recently has established a beauty Club especially for men , He works on garment busy and has dedicated a brand for himself .

2- Bahram Radan : He has a CoffeeShop which is called ”Viona” And have so branches in north cities . 3-Mahtab Keramati , is the famous actress and is known as the Unicef Good will Ambassador in Tehran , She has the meson mass production in the west of Tehran . 4- Amin Tarokh And Masood Kimiaee , have the school acting 5-Reza Attaran , the humor actress and director , has a photography studio in Tehran . 6- Negar Javaherian , the rich talent young actress of Cinema , is working as an analysis of acting in some magazines . 7- Laleh Eskandari , is working as the artistic career such as graffiti on the walls in the main streets of Tehran . 8-Niusha Zeighami , has an Institute of beauty . She has provided the women the beauty services , by the cooperation with the famous doctors . Pooria Poorsorkh , The Famous actor of Cinema and TV Series , has the (PHD) in plant physiology . She works as designing for green space and as translator for scientific magazines . Hadi Kazemi is the manager of a restaurant in Tehran , Mohammad Reza Foorootan , works as the manager of interior designs of the Buildings . Yousef Teimoori , has chandelier store sales with his close friend

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