The most effective method to MAKE THE BEST GARLIC BREAD


This is the best garlic bread on Earth! Hot from the stove it has the ideal measure of firmness with garlic implanting each and every chomp! I put my very own curve on it with a little Parmesan cheddar. I adore the salty chomp it includes and the additional layer of debauchery. I am one who has never utilized a formula to make garlic bread. Spread, garlic, parsley. Spread on bread. Heat. Out comes dry, far too crunchy garlic bread. Bread I need to spread more margarine on or plunge in tomato sauce just to force down. Garlic bread I need to love however don’t. So I gulped my garlic-bread-pride and went searching for the ideal formula and the key to great garlic bread. There must be one. Not all garlic bread is made equivalent. I found what I was searching for on Epicurious – a formula asserting to be the best – the audits said so as well. They claim it’s about having the correct proportion of spread to bread however I happen to believe it’s something else. Olive oil.

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