Bring back the joy , by performing these methods



In what ways can we bring back joy and happiness to our lives? Which activities are necessary to do in order to achieve a happier live than before.
If there are these signs, it means that you have a happy life.
1- If you were a smiling student:

Researchers have proven that the people who are laughing in their old pictures in high school or even in university time, have a stable and happier life in comparison with others.
2- If you have a sister:
People who have at least one sister, are more social, more optimistic and more aware of their abilities and use and employ their talents in their works.
3- People who spend less time for watching TV:
Instead of watching TV, they do exercise, or devote their times with families, or studying or care their health, these group are more happier and satisfied in their life.
4- If you’re in love:
The England researchers, believe that a couple in love, are 30 percent happier than the other people.
5- If you spend your time with happy people:
Establishing an optimistic relationship with a neighbor, hopeful friend or smiling fellow can have a very positive effect on your mood.
6- If you like to drink coffee or hot tea:
American researchers believe that physical joys is followed by mental relaxation, they continue that after a hard day’s work, drinking a glass of chocolate, coffee or hot tea can make us feel refreshment and peace.

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