Worst cars made inside of Iran

Once in a while a government agency publishes a report on the quality and standards of Iranian made cars based on couple of factors. Interestingly, for some reason, they publish the list by the worst performing car first and they ironically name it “The Most unsafe Car of the year”.

In the first place of low price cars, as the winner (the loser in real terms), is the car SAYPA 131 with negative 78 and market price of 20 million Tomans (almost 6.7 K$).



In the first place in the field of mid-price car, the first place goes to Tunder L90, once again made by SAYPA.


The second place for most unsafe car of mid-price cars, is reserved for, Peugeot 206 S with 22.5 and Rana with negative 24.


Don’t ask me how they calculate it and even if their grading has any meaning. I would really try to research for myself and to be even safer, i would try to get out of Iran and drive something that wasn’t build in Iran and most importantly drive it outside of Iran.

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