Standard Media Still Silent As Dakota Access Pipeline Protests Spread, Construction Blocked In Iowa


The media power outage of resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline proceeds as extending dissents, which have now blocked pipeline development in Iowa, go unreported by the national corporate media. The “Mississippi Stand” water defender camp in Sandusky, Iowa, effectively blocked Dakota Access Pipeline development as of Saturday, September 24th. The dissents are occurring where the pipeline is wanted to cross the Mississippi River.

Water defenders connected themselves to development hardware in demonstrations of common defiance until they were in the long run captured — however police neglected to corral them before they stopped the pipeline’s development. Law requirement captured a sum of 12 individuals on Saturday at the Mississippi Stand site, as per free media outlet Unicorn Riot. No less than 44 individuals have been captured at the Iowa dissent site in earlier weeks. At issue is the $3.8 billion Dakota Access oil pipeline that Native American tribes, drove by the Lakota Sioux, say will imperil tribal and open crisp water over a territory that traverses a few states. In an announcement to Unicorn Riot, the Mississippi Stand affirmed their resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline:

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