the most beautiful smile in the world !

Perhaps with reading the news headline unconscious image that she is a well-known person or political personalities. But I must say that are completely wrong !  The most beautiful smile in the world. belongs to the child that she is one year and seven months. her parents are quite ordinary and they live in South Australia. But where was the starting point of the title? However, it is surprising that a baby girl has a Guiness record in the world  and Her smile is very popular in the world her smile is  located in the heart of people . her smile Introduced as a symbol of happiness  and  Beauty of smile . The pleasure of seeing people smile and their  happiness is not On seeing  their crying …. the child with her smile teach us laugh and enjoy the life at any age . Let’s Laugh together with a positive record in the history of the world



Her parents shared the child’s pictures in a city studio. And then a picture of this lucky child Released and became a famous girl. As far as one of the best Guinness records belongs to her now. she has the most beautiful smile in the world. Now the picture of this child is as a symbol of smiling  in  photography studios of cities.  And is known as a template for  smiling of children  …. Let’s teach our  children the art of smiling at early ages

Smiling Causes you can be succeed . It seems that people who simle they have more confidence and their further job is in progress



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