A window to the past! You can not guess which country’s recent past, has been depicted in these pictures

A window to the past! You can not guess which country’s recent past, has been depicted in these pictures

There are sometimes a hiccup in history of some countries that will lead to their dramatic backwards regression. There are some very interesting theories out there about how and why the old English empire has little by little chopped off pieces of our country and dealt with them separately to the detriment of the local people. In large scheme of things and as small window in the history, the now a days sovereign country depicted in the gallery below have been a part of our old and powerful empire; but unfortunately, through some sort of dark conspiracy, they have divided us to bunch of different cultures that have less power to protect themselves against cultural viruses (religions) or external enemies. The images below are heart breaking as we see what have happened to the people of that country (which should have always stay as our fellow countrymen):

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