A shocking discovery at the wedding day by one south Asian Bride

Like most of the girls the girls in the world, findingĀ a nice and handsome guy and marrying him was this one unfortunate poor lady. She got a very unexpected news at the day of her marriage. Imagine you have all of your family and friends, you have found your dream wedding dress and all the little details to make the best wedding ceremonies, best wedding cake, best jewelry, an awesome diamond ring and lots and lots of other minuteĀ details that goes into creating a good wedding ceremony. Imagine doing all of these things and all of a sudden, your man of dreams, your future husband tell you that he was a woman all along!

The question is how does she didn’t noticed that he doesn’t have the manly organs. Or based on the photo didn’t noticed his (her) very feminine face. Sometimes people get so involve in their dream and trying to make it a reality that they can not see the reality right in front of their eyes.

We do not want to judge the other person (the husband in question) motivation or morals but you can imagine the dept of damage that this has probably done to the poor lady.


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