A luxury apartment with elevator for your luxury car

Have you ever thought with yourself how the rich people live? what they drive? what is their apartment? what type of views they can enjoy from their high raised condos? Don’t look any further, we have found your answers.  The rich people in every county have their own why of showing off. Some go around and donate to the poor people in Africa and make sure the news pick up on that (yes Bill Gates we are talking to you), some just like to surf the waves with a super model on their back (and also yes we are talking to you who).

t9xauDF6InBut the are other rich people who are simple. They enjoy their occasional Bahamas trip every other week, drive their Lamborghinis and Ferraris and enjoy their 20 million dollar Manhattan views of Hudson river. Those are the people who are not worried to put on their Breitling watches and just watch the times goes by (of course from the deck of their yotch). Those are our guys and our favorite rich folks. For those, we have some very smart ideas for parking.

Imagine you have paid top dollar for your latest collectible super car that you’ll drive once in a blue moon. What is the fun in that? you know better than every body that they interesting part of having a very expensive car is to just show case it to your friends and family. But the question is :”your fiends and family would not go down the the parking to see the car, so how can you show it to them?”. The answer is indoor parking for the condos.

Yes, we think you should have your very own indoor parking in your penthouse with a private elevator for your car. Please take a look at the following pictures and don’t forget that :”you are welcome!”.



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