A Funny and unusual Cloth of a Person on National News

For many years there have been a movement to suppress clothing of people in Iran and control the fashion to somehow crush the will of the people and remind them that they are under control and their everyday lives isn’t the matter of their own choice, but the very decision of the government.

For that matter, the fashion and choice of clothing has become a source of showing decent and rebellion against the ruling class (which is the religion class and clergies). This matter is much more obvious for the ladies and the clothing of ladies. Recently the have been reports regarding sad stories of ladies and their running with the government of Iran’s goons in Isfahan and Shiraz.

Therefore, once in a while a person try to go against the recommended clothing codes and specially this thing get a wide attention on the eyes of public if it has been done on the public and national television. Below is pictures of a young celery who has wore a yellow garment and participated in a religious TV show. The original color of the special religious garment is brown and this yellow color is an anomaly. The real purpose of the clergy man is not clear yet but some say he is after attention (which he has got some from us), some say he is trying to say a message against the forced dressing code.

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