A city just made for the ultra rich people in China

In the south east part of China there are numerous ghost cities that have been built and left behind. During the past couple of decades and specially during the last decade, China has been experiencing a period of very high growth rate in their economy. ¬†At least for the last three/four years they have been adding equivalent of country of Switzerland’s economy and then some to their economy. Therefore, just like any other adventure, there are miscalculations, miss appropriation of founds and pure simple mistakes.

gCJOT5y7LiWhen you are steering a gigantic oil tanker, every micro error in calculation can end up in miles of deviation. Just like that, in a growth of 1.2 billion dollars in a year, or as I mentioned before :”adding one Switzerland a year”, there might be an error of couple mistaken cities. To be honest with you, if you want to look at it realistically, “couple of cities” compare to a whole new Switzerland, are¬†minimal mistakes.

So, let’s talk about one of those minimal errors. The city of Beihai. This city is a very expensive mistake for the central planers in the government of china. It is not to say that in the capitalistic economies this errors and miss-investment wouldn’t happen, No they happen all the time everywhere. The difference between central planing and free market id that the people in the charge of those mistake would have different fates. In the system of free market, they would go out of business, but in the backwards systems of communism or whatever Iranian government is, people in charge are almost untouchable. Therefore, this mistakes are more frequent in those systems. Below are couple of pictures of this luxurious city:


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