Modeling industry And Popular model ‘Nilufar Behbudi’

Modeling industry is an important field of  promotion of a product ,  In fact,we Benefit of The Beauty and gracefulnessin  of special people for the modeling industry and for the promotion of the products we use . Modeling has  wider context in the world it can be used for  advertise a product such as a mobile phone  or It can be used for a wider dimensions such as Advertising the best and most advanced cars in the world . New technologies such as the Medical Product Promotions , Advertising bride dresses ,advertising  The world’s largest department stores and shopping centers , Advertising satellite networks , Advertising different factories with different products , Advertising new music from artists around the world ,  All of these are examples which The modeling industry widely helps to progress their  Product Advertising .”Nilufar Behboodi”  is one of the best models for modeling industry in the Middle East , She’s The most popular models for advertise bride dresses  . Brands of the Countries Such as ”Turkey” and ”Dubai” are their fans .  She has More than 200000 followers in the Instagram and Has managed to become one of the most popular in the world of web and fashion , Because of her beauty and being Dandy In the near future will be more popular in the modeling industry.


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