The pears and its treat mental benefits and properties

The pears and its treat mental benefits and properties

Pears, In which treat mental cases, can be used? What are the nutritionists’ advises about taking this fruit? According to the researchers, eating a pear a day, improves blood pressure and heart function and also prevents metabolic diseases.
American researchers of the university of Colorado State, shows that a daily intake of pears can improve blood pressure and vascular function among middle aged people who are suffered from metabolic syndrome.
Pears, are excellent source of fiber and a good source of vitamin C, per 100 calories per serving, among the most popular fruits. Consumption a medium pear, provides 24 percent of daily requirement of fiber.
Researchers were studied among a group of 50 participants, with an average age of 45 to 65 years with 3 of 5 symptoms of metabolic syndrome. They were randomly assigned to 12 weeks of 2 medium- sized pear with 50 grams weight.
After 12 weeks of consuming fresh pear, among 36 of participants, systolic blood pressure and pulse pressure were significantly lower than the baseline level.

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