Many useful properties of eating


Summer is coming soon, then its better to be familiar with the countless properties of apricot. 1- Intaking this fruit, causes opening tract of artery clogging. 2- Eating sweet apricot is laxative. 3- Consuming it, eliminates the bad smell of mouth. 4- If you eat the wet leafs of apricot in the late of night, it causes bile-inducing and laxative in body. 5- Eating the wet leafs of apricot, also appease thirst. 6- Apricot is anti- cancer, particularly lung and pancreatic cancer. 7- Apricot enhancing the treatment of anemia. 8- Eating it, is useful for those who face to intellectual engagement. 9- In order to be less angry, you mustn’t forget to eat apricot in meals intervals.

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