Shadmehr Aghili The first popular singer and Composer after the revolution


Shadmehr Aghili is the most popular and famous singer after the Islamic Republic revolution in Iran . He is also composer , Musician , Songwriter and song regulator and actor . He entered in the Music broadcasting TV in 1998 and began to work . But his works had the problem of permission , Because He was the first singer which sang in the pop style . He performed ”Worshipped” as the first work . Then He continued by the albums of ” The season of Familiarity” And Then he performed the album which Called ” My Spring ”, An instrumental Music

, Which was the first Cassette of Him . This Cassette included the old music of Iran , Such as ”Cornflower ” And ” My Spring ” And ”Janne Maryam ” . Shadmehr arranging and playing The Piano , Guitar and Violin in This Collection . The Second Album of Him which called ”Passenger” was actually the first album with word . This Album was welcomed by A lot . Also it was the first and the best selling album of Pop Music after the revolution . The next Aghili’s Album was called ”The Rastic ” This Album was met with obstacles by the ministry . This Album was succesful to create a great development in Pop Music . According to various sources , This album was the most popular and selling album after the revolution . He played in the films of The ” Flying Feather ” which directed by Khosro Masoomi , and the ”Shab-e berehne” directed by Saeid Soheili . The popularity of the film of ”Shab-e berehne ” caused increasing of sensitivity of the government on him . Meanwhile , The Pressure and restrictions spread on Shadmehr , By the Government  and He decided to Emigrate to Canada .

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