what Sahar Ghoreyshi Says About her favorite clothes

Sahar Ghoreyshi is one of the actresses Who Always has put on Her Favorite  Clothes , The Clothes Should be according to Her Desire ….  Unfortunately, In Iran , even in the cinema there is no freedom . Actors and actresses can not Put on Their favorite Clothes . Sahar ghoreyshi always has been fashionable , In her life she is so Independent  and always she has decided Independently Because of this confidence and her   sense of being free

, Head of Broadcasting of Iran Don’t let her to play roles on TV . And most of her roles are  in the movies of Cinema . Sometimes she also faces with many limitations by the government of Iran. Sahar ghoreyshi says about the Film Festival for Children and Adolescents , ”I was playing the role of the bride  and Mr. Rostami was playing the role of the groom ,
My Clothes design in the film was like Cinderella Couture because we wanted  to design The Clothes  dreamy for the children , I don’t know  the reason for elimination  my roles in the films.  Unfortunately, the phenomenon of censorship in Iran is extremely high ,  And actors and actresses don’t have the right of selecting their own clothes ,Head of Broadcasting of Iran Must  respect the Tastes ,Freedom to choose the cover , Freedom of Expression , As well as respect for women’s rights and equal rights for men and women  .The Actresses Such As Sahar Ghoreyshi Who  has her taste and beauty And  good characteristics , All Actors And Actresses Should have the freedom to Behave as they like 

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