Negar Javaherian a special and different actress of cinema and theater

Negar Javaherian a special and different actress of cinema and theater of Iran , Negar Javaherian began her activities in Cinema Since 2000 , when she played a role of  a cute girl of a family in the TV series which called Zire Tigh. She proved her acting talent in that film . We have seen some of the significant roles in her artistic workbook .
Her proclaimed films are , Inja Bedoone Man (Here Without Me ) , Yek Habbe Ghand ( A Cube of Sugar ) , Tala va Mes (Gold and Copper) and Howze Naghashi (Paint Pool) . The film in which she is recently acting is called (Paridan-Az-Ertefa). Jumping from a height , In this film Rambod Javan is acting too. Because they were needed to promote the movie, they have had couple of co-appearances. You know what rumors follows next.
This film’s director is Hamed Rajabi . Negar has graduated scene and costume design in university She has a great interest to visual arts . One of the her hobbies is to see the paintings in the galleries . Also She loves watching the documentary films of great painters of the world . She has said interviews that ” I Like to connect and relate to all works of art , Such as Music , Literature , Paintings , and so On . She is interested doing charity activities . She is so active in the theater as well as Cinema . Red and others (Directed by Mahmoud Ostad Mohammad ) invisible cities ( Directed by Mohammad Hassan Majouni ) where were you on day the 17th  ( Directed by Amir Reza Kouhestani )
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