The most successful players of Club Football teams of Asia

Farhad Majidi  Grew In a noble family with good financial and social prestige . Gradually became interested in football.He Has been interested in Football Since Childhood . Began His Football with Basic Teams . Although his mother was opposed to his presence in football , But his father was his Companion and supporter heartily . Farhad Majidi was the most popular soccer player of ” Esteghlel Tehran Football Club ”

Who said Goodbye to the football with this Team . His First official Team was ”Young Farmers( Javanan Keshavarz) ” Which was faced with a shortage of facilities ,   However, this problem didn’t Lead him to abondon Soccer . After progress in the adult team of Bahman  joined ”Esteghlal Tehran ” He became the main and key player of ”Esteghlal Tehran ” . His Ultra talent for  scoring goals  and intelligence Led him to be  one of the most successful and most popular players of ”Esteghlal Tehran ” . Majidi Played in Esteghlal Tehran For years and Even now , He is so popular among the Fans of this team .His Ability and innate talent  of Football Caused him to have Suggestions From  the club Rapid Vienna of Austria . Although his presence in the Austria wasn’t  so dreamy and with success But Farhad always referred to it as a golden experience. Farhad Majidi did not progress in the national level But in the category of Club Football teams , He was  the most successful players . His Successful presence in the the UAE club Football Team Led him to be one of the richest footballers in Iran

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