This Young woman has an intense fear of eating foods

Physical and mental health is a blessing that God has created for humans . But most of them , either don’t have much knowledge about this issue , or neglect it . We do a lot of activities daily . For example we sleep , get up , walk , exercise , we eat variety of foods and fruits . we would be hungry and after eating foods and feel we are full , and we enjoy eating Maybe you would be surprised that we say these mentions . But we must know and realize that the appetite to eat kinds of foods is a blessing , and if we don’t have this potential and can not eat all kinds of foods ,

Our bodies suffer from deficient in food and we would suffer from¬†different diseases¬†. There are a variety of fearing of things which maybe everyone have it . But sometimes fears lead to interesting events . This girl which is only 23 years old , has a fun fear of all foods except potatoes . This unique habit leads to many problems for her . Claire jones has eaten 13000 bag of potatoes during her life . She has a mental fear to all of the foods except potatoes , when her diet would be changed little , She quickly feels that she has a great disease . The type of her diet caused anemia and malnutrition for her . The continuous efforts of Claire for changing and eliminating this fear , has lead to eat cabbage and cheese with potatoes . Claire Jones expressed interesting about her fear . She said that she loves to stop eating only potatoes but she doesn’t know a suitable method to eliminate her fear and eat all kinds of foods .

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