Did you know some of the red lobsters from weren’t originally red

You probably know already that the food that you are putting into your body is important. You should know about the origin of it, how its made, is it harmful or useful, does it have enough nutrition and or is it a manufactured product that can make you ill? These questions are being asked more and more every day and it seams there is a movement for awareness and healthier life style. That is why the Wholefood market is growing like fungous from every corner and  McDonals have seen some of the worst years in revenue in the past year (to be fair, their food has also killed most of the people who loved McDonalds; it is always a good business strategy to do not shorten the life span of your customer.).

The sea foods are assumed to be among some of the foods that used to be considered as healthy and good for your health. But more and more people find out that every food category has its own do and don’t that you should be careful about them. As an example, if you eat a lots of fish, you may get mercury poisoning or some other poisoning. Especially after all those pollution that have being dumped on the ocean, there is no telling what is the food source for the fishes in the sea and how clean it is.

Besides the pollution problem and other sources of disease that too mush fish can cause, there is always a greedy business man variant too that can make the quality of the product goes bad quickly. Like that guy who had his body filled with worms because he had eaten some rotten sushi (which was sold to him by a greedy sushi vendor).

One of the other sea foods that we have a picture proof that has being corrupted my a greedy business man, is the so called red lobsters. The picture below shows you a factory in China that use food die to strengthen the color of Chinese made lobster to those of Norwegian.  These practices in due time will totally make people avoid the see food and would eventually bite those who are more into bottom line than the customer in the rear.

Here are the pictures of the process of coloring the lobsters:

In this picture you can see the differences between the colored and uncolored lobsters.


very unsanitary processing procedures

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A sample of food coloring that aren’t even compatible with the food and safety standards.

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The process of coloring the lobsters

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