The best flight attendants in the world

Due to Surveys which has been done among the thousands of Britain airline passengers about the most beautiful and attractive flight attendants , The most beautiful flight attendants was allocated to attendants of Virgin Atlantic Air Lines. And Singapore, with 18% , Etihad with 12% ,  Emirates 11 % And Airline 6 % Has been allocated Ranks second to fifth .Following this survey ,  the  spokesman for the Association of Professional Flight Attendants (APFA) (which has about 18,000 members in airlines)

During Speaking to reporters of Los Angeles Times considered this poll very inappropriate   And says that  flight attendants  Have very important  Responsibilities  during the flight   Apart from the catering of travelers .
He also said flight attendants are the first respondents to travelers and believe that appearance isn’t so important  to address this issue . He said From 1960 to 1970, regardless of gender, appearance and other Physical features were not the main reason for selecting attendants , He was under pressure to choose their staff and personnel  based on the ability of individuals and Level of Education . When the plane developed , It was used for commercial, transportation and travel widely and  Many jobs were created which one of them is  Stewardess . The hostesses should always be neat and have  regular appearance, With elegant appearance and fit physical form and they should wear the uniforms of airline companies .


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