The best time for consuming a variety of foods



What time is the best to assign it for eating variety of foods. Eating some foods has different effects and values in special hours and times of a day.
In the following article, we briefly explain about them.
_ Yogurt: If we consume it in day time, it helps the digestive system, but taking it at night hours, has a bad influence in the respiratory tract and causes cough, cold and forming phegm.

_ Apple: Apple is an excellent source of pectin, especially for the skin. Consumption of it, along the day, prevents constipation but taking it at night hours can cause constipation.
Beans and cereals: They are rich sources in fiber, then consumption of them at night hours can help the digestive system and lowers cholesterol amounts of body, but taking it at day hours, increases appetite due to high fiber available in it.
_ Sugar substances: Since we’re more active during the day and body is able to burn more sugar, even insulin is more effective in breaking down of sugar in morning, but consumption of foods containing sugar, increases density of fat in body at night hours, and negatively affected digestive system and sleeping.
_ Banana: Because it’s rich in fiber and helps the digestive process and has the anti-acid property and cause heartburn, then try to eat it at noon.
_ Cheese: This dairy is an excellent source of protein, Consumption of it in a moderate amount, can prevent weight gain and bloating.

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