Elnaz Shakerdos and her Brother


Elnaz shaker dost is one of the new age movie stars and actresses who are famous mostly because they are famous. She really doesn’t have good of an acting techniques. But, one thing for sure, she is by all means very attractive by the today’s standards of attractiveness for the actors and actresses. By that, we mean that she has green eyes. There you go. Colored eyes boys and girls are very hot these days. Another person who is becoming famous just because he is famous and really doesn’t do that much is her brother. We really don’t know his name and really didn’t even do any search to find his name. Because this is becoming another keeping up with Kardashians situation and families of people who are famous because they are famous are becoming famous. Not only that, their extended families are becoming famous too. Like Elnaz Shakerdoust’s brother’s girlfriend.

If their mother and her life partner also becomes famous for no other reason, then we can truly open up an E network and have a reality TV show by the name of “Keeping up with the green eyed people’s family”. Unfortunately, the rating for that network and it’s income in the first year will surpass the whole channel 4’s numbers.

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