10 kinds of famous laughing of artists

Laughing is one of the important pillars in the field of acting . Perhaps when an artist laughs may effect the audience to capture smiling . Face in his mind , and never forget it . This paper studies the 10 funny memorable film or Tv artists.  1- Mehran Modiri : Specializing in all kinds of laughter .Even the name of him has been patched into laughter .2- Parviz Parastooi : He had the believable laughter .A smile that is believable for an audience . 3- Mohammad Reza Forootan : The bitter laughter , He laughs with his eyes and shows his feelings by eyes . 4- Siamak Ansari , has the bloody tears laughter . 5- Hadieh Tehrani , She is famous for her soulles and cold

6-Hamed Behdad , the nervous laughing , 7- Mohammad Reza Golzar the cute laughing . 8- Reza Attaran , the greed brings smiles . 9- Shahab Hosseini , The gentle laughter . 10-Hessam Navab Safavi , The figurative smiling . We can introduce   The other actors and actresses which have cute laughing , Such as Nikki Karimi , Maryam Masumi , Sahar Ghoreyshi , Elnaz Shakerdoost , Bahram Radan , Mahnaz Afshar And etc .
laughing .
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