Which cars do the footballers ride?



These footballers from our country, would be transferred from one team to another and sometimes they would be transferred to foreign leagues. Some of them would progress day to day and their contacts would be better and better and earn few billions from their contacts. In the following article we review gradual process of buying luxury cars by them.
1- Ali Daei: He rides Maserati and Porsche, the interesting point is that ,the first car which he bought was a French Renault.

2- MahdaviKia, like Daei, he has experienced a large variety of cars including Pride, Toyota, Benz and BMW. He is the lover of the long under carriage cars.
Ali Karimi: Firstly he had tomato Peykan but he is the lover of kinds of BMW.
4-Mehdi Rahmati:He rides only Peugeot 206.
Amir GhaleNoei: He was previously RD rider and currently he has Maserati.
6- Karim Bagheri: He has Cadillac now.

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