The old and popular singers , which are still active and the forefront of popularity

Shohreh Sowlati :More than 2,000 people of the homeless in Los Angeles were invited to eat foods at the table On the occasion of Nowruz .Shohreh serving food to the homeless in Los Angeles .   She arrived in the world of art , when she was just 15 years old . The first Song That She performed was called ”The eastern girl ” . She played in a movie which was called ” Cry under water ” . She is so active and popular among the people .  Ebi :

Ebrahim Hamedi , which was called Ebi , is an old iranian singer which started singing in a friendly group which was called ” Son Boys ” same title. when he was a young teen . He performed the first Song , was called ”Appetence” made by Hossein Vaseghi for a film with The second song was called ”Why” and the third song was called ”night ” caused to be famous . He is so active and popular especially among the young generation . ” GooGoosh : Faegheh Atashin , Known as GooGoosh , is the famous and popular singer and actress of Iran . She is the most popular singers of Musical history and has many fans in other countries of central Asia and the Middle East . She Started Singing and Playing in the films in 7 years with her father , When Iranian Islamic revolution was occured in 1978 , Pop music and singing by women was banned , But GooGoosh stayed in Iran for 21 years and her artical activities was completely stopped . She emigrated from Iran in 2000 and performed so many concerts and music album . She is still so popular and active now . Leila Foroohar : She is an old actress and singer in the pop style . She played in theater when she was just 3 years old . She is living in Los Angeles now . The first album which was published of her , called Cute Plush . She is so active in the singing world , and has so many fans . Dariush Eghbali : He is one of the most popular singers in the style of pop and sad songs . He started singing in 1970 with a song which called ”Don’t tell me I Live you ” . He is still popular and has so many fans . We can refer to Siavash Ghomeishi , Moeen , Aref , Siavash Shams , Suzan Roshan , ….. Etc , Which are still active and popular ..

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