The artists which have the successful partner and gain so more success than the others


It has been said that behind of every every successful man or women , There is some supporting by a dedicated and enthusiastic of a partner . This Converse is also true in the case of successful artists . In below we refer to some examples of these artists 1- Shadmehr Aghili , is so popular singer among the young generation and the adult . He and His wife ” Mia ” have so friendly and lovely relation . They have recently had a baby girl .

She is called ”Melina” . It seems that the continuation of recent success of him ,
is related to existance of this lovely family . 2-Andy and his wife Shany : Andy , is the Armenian singer and idol of the young generation and one of the well-known singers in the world . Some of his song is performed into seven languages and has so many fans in different countries . Andy performed many of songs with Shany , and due to this reason , the voice of Shany was called the second voice of Andy . Andy and Shany get married about 2 years ago . They are one of the most intimate and loved couples in the world . 3- Ebi and his wife : Ebrahim Hamedy which is known as Ebi , is one of the singers in the pop style , His fans call him Mr-sound . He was married with Mahshid Borumand after separation of first wife . Mahshid serves as the management of his programs She is near Ebi in all of the travels and Concerts . They love each other so much . Katayoon Riahi and his husband : Katayoon Riahi is the famous actress of Cinema and TV Series . She played her last play in the Series was called the Prophet Joseph . She announced her withdrawal from the world of acting . Her husband is one of the main Shareholders of the American Oil world Company . Shahab Hosseini and his wife : Shahab Hosseini is one of the most popular and famous superstars . He was married with Parichehr when he was just 22 years old . They have a sweet and lucky life together , with two babies which are called Mohammad Amin and Amir Ali . Maryam Ghassemi : Maryam Ghassemi was the Morteza Pashaee’s candidate . She was the clothes designer , She always accompanied Morteza until his death . She had tireless efforts to strengthen the spirit of hope for recovery of Morteza . God Bless Him . There are many artists which have the successful partner and gain so more success than the others Such as Hadieh Tehrani and …

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