Some of the simple ways to prevent darkening of skin



Tanning and darkening of skin is inevitable
especially in summer, even if you cover fully yourself or use sun screen. We introduce some of the simple ways to prevent darkening of the skin.
1- Using cabbage: The leaves of this vegetable has a miracle effect on skin.
Put some cabbage leaves on damaged areas of skin for 15 minutes. Repeat this twice a week to have an immediate impact.
2- Use weeks: Remove a small amount of weeks on sunburned parts of your skin and massage it. People who have severe sunburn, must use twice a week and others must use once a week.
3- Using ice: Ice can be useful if you have a lot of sunburn.
4- Using cream milk and saffron.
Mix some high quality milk with saffron to be converted into a batter, put it on the face and let it remain for whole of the night. Repeat it three times a week. This home remedy, not only saves your skin, from darkening but also eliminates acne and gift you a fair skin.
5- Use curd milk: Put stirred curd on a dark levels of skin, for 15 to 20 minutes. Do this work regularly to get rid of darkening completely from this darkening on your skin.

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