The pregnancy and the motherhood of famous celebrity


Cosmetic surgery operation have spread out epidemically among our country’s artists,some of them, have gained more success after performing it, and others have lost previous positions and have confronted with failure. In following report, we review this case with some examples:
_Negar Foruzandeh:She explained that she was met with an accident, during filming, so she was forced to have surgery.After doing surgery, she has received more suggestions for acting.
_ Sharareh Rokham, has accepted that doing surgery on her face was mistake and unsuccessful and she is extremely remorseful.
Cosmetic surgeries which have done on the face of other artists, have small changes on their faces, but they have become more beautiful than previous such as Niki Karimi, Shila Khodadad, Neusha Zeighami and Hesam Navabsafavi.


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