The Gallery of Visit Persepolis by Elizabeth Taylor

Iran has many tourist attractions, particularly during the reign of the Shah (Pahlavi Era ) There was a lot of freedom in Iran and even the greatest actors and actresses of the world came to Iran to visit tourist attractions . Persepolis is an ancient city of Iran ,  In antiquity it was  the Place of  Nowruz Celebration , It was Not the capital , Susa and Ecbatana was the political capital of the Achaemenid . There are many theories about Persepolis, Great historians  Have expressed their  ideas and their researches about the Perspolis  .The Historian ”Javad Boroumand Saeed” says:  ”Perspolis was  a Temple of the Sun” ,

The Historian ”Reza Moradi Ghias Abady ” Says : ” Perspolis was  Legislature and the Advisory forum of the ancient territory of countries ”  the Greeks General Alexander Macedonian  invaded Iran and Perspolis was burned under the fire .  Apadana was the oldest palace in Perspolis . This palace was built on the orders of Darius, and it was the reception place for representatives of countries and a place to   celebrate the New Year celebrations every year . This tourist place attracted a lot of actors and actresses from other countries except Iran . One of the actresses who came to Iran and saw Perspolis Closely is Elizabeth Taylor . in these  Elizabeth Taylor’s images we see that She was shooting from Persepolis and  tourist attractions .  She also went to Hafeziyeh, Hafez is one of the greatest poets in history

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