The relationship of type of wearing dresses with moral characteristics of persons


Moral characteristics are known as the most significant determinant cases in characters of a person . The appearance of each person can clearly indicates the esoteric character of that person . The professional Clothes and fashion designers ,

consider this case as a basis and have the maximum use of if . The famous superstars and showmen and singers also benefit of this psychological property and wear the appropriate in different occasions . The moral characteristics of persons on divided to 6 groups , In the following we try to explain the appropriate wearing which shows these characters . 1-Sensitive Character : The significant moral characteristics are , Elegance , irritability , kindness , gently and full of women’s properties . Appropriate fabric : Soft , subtle and completely flat . Appropriate color : bright colors and mild designs in the fabric . 2- Violent Character : The obvious moral characters : Spirited athletes , robust , firm and stable . Appropriate fabric : Rough such as flax , velvet and yarn rough . Appropriate color : Colors that absorb attention of people , Such as red and orange . The design on the fabric : unusual photos which absorb special attention . Solemn character : The obvious moral characters : Conservative , thoughtful , extremely serious . This characters appears in aging and experienced people appropriate fabric : Fabrics with low weight . Appropriate color : bright colors but heavy . Cheerful and vitality characters :Obvious moral characters : energetic , happy , lightly . appropriate cloth : easily fabric . appropriate color : Each Color agree with the desires . We can introduce some celebrities who select Stylish clothes appropriate to the situation .

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