Life expectancy is increasing among the people in all over the world. Achieving a long life with health isn’t out of rich. If someone want healthy life for a long period, they must respect certain following principles: Healthy eating, regular exercise, avoiding smoking and alcohol as much as possible, and avoid stress and anxiety. In this article we’ll briefly refer to some of these nutritional principles: 1-Eat daily the foods which are contained with omega- 3. According to nutritionists, the foods containing omega-3 have the property of anti-aging, then consuming these foods such as nuts, seeds, vegetables and seafoods and fishes are useful. 2- Eat anti-oxidants every 4 hours. 3- Eat slowly and leave eating early. 4- Double consuming of fibers. 5- Earn calories by consumption of healthy fats. 6- Consider consumption of necessary proteins.5+1 golden rules of nutrition

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